Mariana Zabala
Mariana Zabala
The Gentlemans Deity

Hola Gentleman,

I do hope you have been well…


I know the rolls of my sweet tongue

Will brighten your day soon.

Not one lover has departed my delightful company and rejoined the world still feeling blue.

Now is your chance; you will be amazed, by the lovely licks and flicks that my cheeky tongue can do.

Take the time to discover just how delicious I can be; this is an open invitation, for you to open up to me.


Your private amazonian Goddess

and, I have travelled a great distance from afar.

Australia’s newest and most delightful importation; your very own rare, luxurious escort caviar.


Time with me is a delicacy…

A delicious sexual treat!

I am galavanting countrywide for a good time, not a long time.

Take this chance now, do not ponder long before we meet.


If you were to ask me

“What do I most enjoy during our illustrious affair?”

My breathless answer will whisper, "everything," as you enjoy my taste down there.

Oh-my, now my mind wanders to embrace a fantastic fantasy with you.

I am imagining that you must have a cheeky tongue too?

Best contact me, before I am long gone, to arrange a booking for us two.

Now that we are no longer strangers, shall we speak of the exciting encounters we will share?

Your discreet deity is open minded and guards your sexual secrets with great care.
— Mariana

Packages & Rates



Wrap your arms around my waist and hold on tight, you are about to encounter a satisfying sweet release, coupled with a mind-blowing out-of-body experience, at the very least.


Naughty GFE

I strongly encourage each and every one of the worshipers at my temple of seduction to be bold, tempt fate and experience me as I was intended to be.
I desire to feel you fuck me, the fruits of my nectar are dripping in eager anticipation for your arrival at my flooding gates.


Dinner Dates

Welcome to my very intimate encounter for the select immortals who wish to wine, dine and then 69 on my sweet chariot.

I am the delicate woman on your arm, who only shares her otherworldly delights with you, in privacy behind gilded gates.



Extended dates are a rather illustrious affair, wouldn't you agree?
For this reason, only you, the king of kings can whisper your desires in my ear and have me succumb and worship your body for as long as the night is dark.


Contact Details

SMS only: 0410 124 594



7 days a week, 10 am - 9 pm

Australian Tour Dates


22nd - 24th August


26th - 30th August


2nd - 3rd September


4th - 6th September


9th - 10th September


12th - 13th September